Who We Are

FRCMedia News is the community journalism resource outlet of Fall River Community Media (FRCMedia).

The goal of FRCMedia News is to develop a multi-media, cross-platform news and information product which will provide Fall River residents with grassroots, community-minded information.

Information will be gathered from multiple sources – including, but not limited to: original reporting; contributed material; and the cited, re-publication of community information.  Our intention is to provide as much multi-media content as possible – i.e. a text article accompanied by a video which complements the story.

We will integrate FRCMedia News with our FRCTV property through the creation of programs summarizing the news on the web site.

FRCMedia News is not intended to serve as a competitor to existing local media news operations – but rather as a supplement product based on FRCMedia’s principals of engaging community conversation.

We hope you will return often to discover what is happening in Fall River.  If you have a story idea you would like FRCMedia News to develop, pitch it to us.  If you would like to be part of our FRCMedia News community news team of contributors, give us an idea of your experience and interests.

Thank you for your interest in FRCMedia News!