City Rental Property Shows Upward Swing

Donna Motta December 29, 2016 Comments Off on City Rental Property Shows Upward Swing

Taurus Investment Holdings of Boston spent nearly $39.5 million to purchase the 404-unit South Winds Apartments at 4594 North Main Street, just north of the Airport Road Rotary. At Commonwealth Landing, carpenters are building 103 apartments in the former Quaker Fabrics headquarters at 1082 Davol Street with the third floor of the building coming online on August 1, 2017 while the fourth and fifth floors should be ready for occupancy on September 1st. According to developers, a model apartment, and the leasing office, will open on January 11th.

Meanwhile, across the city, Starr Development Company out of Bridgewater is at work in the granite mill at 649 Alden Street with the development of that project running smoothly.

In addition to these projects, there are reports of developments in the works, including market rate apartments for the area around downtown and the waterfront.

 City officials say more announcements will be forthcoming.



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