F.R. School Committee Member Tours Flooded High School

Donna Motta January 10, 2018 Comments Off on F.R. School Committee Member Tours Flooded High School

Along with School Superintendent Matt Malone, Ph.D. several School Committee Members toured the water damaged B.M.C. Durfee High School today as work crews were cleaning some 50 thousand gallons of water on the fourth floor of the Elsbree Street structure. Via a press release today, Superintendent Malone made a statement regarding the age of the structure built back in the 1970’s and the need for a new Durfee High School.

Malone statement: This was not a cold weather malfunction but the result of a 40-year-old pipe that ruptured. Due to the building’s design deficiencies and the confinement’s of the building systems, time was added to our inability to shut the flow of water as the valves are in a compartment under the stairwell.

At the scene today School Committee Member Josh Hetzler agreed with Malone’s assessment of the damage to the building and the need for the construction of a Durfee. He also expressed his disappointment with the city council’s decision to object to putting the question on whether to build a new Durfee High School on the ballot in a special March election. That vote was not taken last night after Councilor Steve Camara objected, sending the issue on to either the next meeting or a special meeting that would be scheduled by Council Chair Cliff Ponte.

FRC Media News will have more on this story as it develops over the next few months.


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