Post Fall River Storm News

Donna Motta January 9, 2018 1

The first blizzard of the new year came and went last week, and the snow ban was lifted late Monday after being in place for five days. As is no secret, the Greater Fall River Area was bombarded with about 18 inches of snow, which caused havoc on roadways and city streets. Here’s a post storm interview with Department of Community Maintenance Director Jeffrey Little on just what happened:

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  1. C A Aguiar January 9, 2018 at 6:26 pm

    The people on Lane St. complied with the parking ban. However it didn’t matter because a pickup truck with a plow came up the street at 3 AM. Widened the street a little at the dead end, backed out in a single lane never to be seen again. Why did we have to shovel from the sidewalk to the middle of the street to get out. The was no reason, no car to stop the plow from getting near the curb. What do the streets of the Mayor, Mr Little, City Councillors look like?